Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 ~ 2011

Hello World :)

2010 has definitely been an eventful year for me and I have certainly had my ups and downs. The year has been filled with over 5 short films (Roland, Talisman, While She Was Waiting, 10 Things I Hate About Camping, Trente Cinq,) two features (The Killage and Still Waters), three commercials (Keno State of Origin, Keno Grand Final and Subway), two small roles on national television productions (Underbelly Infiltration and SLIDE) and of course my acting classes which have kept me busy throughout the year. I am now in the preparation stages (as I always am) in furthering my career towards a bigger and brighter future.

2011 is going to be "The Year of Oneself" ~ discovering and following my own journey, putting each moment towards my future (which is also going to include a lot of American accent practise! ;)

I'm looking forward to what is in store and I hope you all have as much passion and inspiration towards your future also.

May 2011 bring you all the love you deserve.

Merry Christmas,

Always Meisha.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Creative High

I've been writing so much more lately, and it's been so nice, I forgot how much I missed it....

A Creative High

There's the ups and the downs
The highs and the lows
The mountains and the valleys
The villains and the foes
One cannot survive without the other
One would not exist without the other
Is is life.

In the lows, there's the droaning
A heaviness of the heart
At times you feel like breaking
You fear you'll fall apart
But you revive upon another
As you rest upon another
It is support.

In the highs, there's the growing
A lifting of the spirit
Some succeed with all its glory
Some will shy and only fear it
It is ecstasy like no other
It is creativity like no other
Is is inspiration.

Live it.

Copyright (C) Meisha Lowe 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Girl and the World

Hello again :)

When I was younger, I found myself writing hundreds of poems. These days as life goes on, I find less time to do such things. I was inspired the other day to write again and this came to me...

The Girl and the World

Her mind wandered to days of freedom,
When she would be free from the slumbers of day to day life,
She drifted to places no one else could fathom,
Her mind was a daze, but her smile came from within.

She dreamt of days where strength wasn’t judged by grip,
Strength was judged by perseverance and persistence.
She felt the monotony, the slaving, working to live,
But she dreamed to live her passion...

Each day was one step closer,
She had her goals but it felt so far in sight,
Sometimes in her dreams she could taste it,
The success tasted so sweet; each day feeding her desire

Her need was indescribable,
No disappearing lust; but a continuous fire
Deep inside her belly,
It flamed and soared when like minded were in sight.

She felt herself growing, learning
And yearning for what she could see but could not yet touch
That happiness from true desire, passion and patience
Something many dream of but fear too much to chase.

No longer was she a girl,
Alone and afraid of the darkness that set in at night,
She was a young woman with aspiration,
A journey set in sight for no one to satisfy but herself.

She felt a connection never felt before,
Of course there was fear of the unknown,
But if anything it pushed her forwards,
To places the world had not opened yet before.

She felt a newfound sense of serenity
A connection she’d forgotten long ago
To something she once lost..

But now she was ready,
To take that unknowing leap,
With only the belief and trust,
That she was the girl and the world.

(C) Meisha


Monday, October 11, 2010

Tropfest Film/Talisman Post Grad

Hello World,

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of an awesome Tropfest film entry called "10 Things I Hate About Camping". I can't give too much away about the story but I can say it was an amazing weekend, which brought me back to my Aussie roots! Playing the character of "Babe" alongside "Coop" and "Kev", it follows the misfortunes of what goes on in the great Australian bush. Not your typical film, and I can't wait to see it in the festival! I got to go bush bashing with a car with no doors or windscreen, drive 4 hours into the sticks, met some great people and got to do a few great scenes!!

And with one day to rest, I'm now on the set of "Talisman" for a week playing "Julie Schald" for a Griffith post-grad film by Oyvind Welle. It's a wonderful contrast to the film I did on the weekend and I can't wait to have both pieces on my showreel.
I'm learning lots from these short films and really enjoying the sense of comfort with being on set...onwards and upwards :)

Keep safe,

Meisha xx

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Of late I have been incredibly busy auditioning particularly for short films but also a few other notable productions. One thing that I've really been learning particularly in my Tom McSweeney "Craft" class is to really "listen" to what the other character is saying, and "feel" the scene and not "act" it. The most organic scene will be one where we as the actor "listen and react" with real emotion. Another particularly important factor in feeling comfortable in auditions that I have learnt is just to go in and bring as much of yourself to the role whilst still encompassing your characters needs, desires, relationships, obstacles etc.

Another important piece of advice I have noted is do as much work on the scene; preparing your character, exploring your relationship to the others in your scene, pin point your motivations/obstacles etc and workshop it with improvisations and different layers but once you walk into that in the work you have done, forget it and just "listen" to the scene and react organically with real emotion and feeling.

I'm really enjoying these moments where my training is really starting to make sense :)

Today was a great day; getting a role in a commercial, a short film call back and a role in another short film.

Persistance paves the way for desire.

Keep safe,


Monday, September 13, 2010


Just a quick update that I was fortunate enough to be in the Sunshine Coast Daily weekend edition also regarding the Underbelly role:

Looking forward to what's in store next :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life is Beautiful

"Life is beautiful"....

It sure is.

I was recommended to watch the film "Life is Beautiful" from one of my acting teachers and today I've had the pleasure of watching it. What a beautiful film!

By using the power of his own imagination, Guido brings light to the ones he loves even in the darkest of times. And that to me also sums up what acting is; bringing light to those around us, knowing that just one moment could bring a smile upon someones day. I'm here as someone who wants to make a difference to the world by bringing happiness to people. Everyone deserves to smile and if I can bring that to people, then that's all I hope for.

On another note; this week my first article about my acting has been published in the Hinterland Times, a local Maleny paper (where I grew up). My Mum was so proud and called me as soon as she got the first copy. It's really amazing to have all the support from everyone and I thank you all for it. What's next on the acting scene for me...let's just wait and see :)

You can alternatively view the article on:

Keep safe xx Meisha

Monday, August 9, 2010

Roland - QUT Short Film

August 10 -

Over the past three days I have had the privelege of working on a QUT final year short film production called Roland. With a small cast of three, it was great to be on set again and continue meeting people interested in the same industry as me.

I'm enjoying seeing the technical side of filming and learning just how important it is; there's so much involved along with the acting. It's all great experience for me as the actor to see this ensemble of people working together.

Roland was written and directed by Michael Watson and produced by Grace Julia. I believe it will be entered into short film competitions.

Looking forward to seeing the final product :)

And looking forward to my next acting project...whatever that may be! :)

Keep safe :) Meisha

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 - Year of New Beginnings

2010 - In summary so far....

This year has gone so quickly and it has been filled full of experience and new learnings for me.

At the beginning of the year I was fortunate enough to be involved as an actor on my first feature film called "The Killage" by ArtSpear Entertainment, directed by Joe Bauer and produced by Rita Artman. I met some great actors and learnt a lot on my first film of hopefully many to come.

Also throughout the year I was fortunate enough to be involved in going to Sydney for a KENO commerical, again I met some great people and loved my first trip away for the acting.

I have also been lucky enough to be involved in another feature film called "Still Waters" which was exciting to be a part of.

And most recently I flew to Melbourne for a well known Australian production. The experience was priceless. I met the most amazing people and will continue to stay friends with them in the years to come. Melbourne is so full of culture and the acting industry down there was great to be a part of. I felt so grateful to be there living my dream of acting and being a part of such a great cast.

Things are really starting to take the shape that I have always dreamed of and I am so grateful for those who have stuck by me and believed in my passion for acting.

Keep safe and see you soon,

Meisha <3

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