Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Of late I have been incredibly busy auditioning particularly for short films but also a few other notable productions. One thing that I've really been learning particularly in my Tom McSweeney "Craft" class is to really "listen" to what the other character is saying, and "feel" the scene and not "act" it. The most organic scene will be one where we as the actor "listen and react" with real emotion. Another particularly important factor in feeling comfortable in auditions that I have learnt is just to go in and bring as much of yourself to the role whilst still encompassing your characters needs, desires, relationships, obstacles etc.

Another important piece of advice I have noted is do as much work on the scene; preparing your character, exploring your relationship to the others in your scene, pin point your motivations/obstacles etc and workshop it with improvisations and different layers but once you walk into that audition...trust in the work you have done, forget it and just "listen" to the scene and react organically with real emotion and feeling.

I'm really enjoying these moments where my training is really starting to make sense :)

Today was a great day; getting a role in a commercial, a short film call back and a role in another short film.

Persistance paves the way for desire.

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