Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life is Beautiful

"Life is beautiful"....

It sure is.

I was recommended to watch the film "Life is Beautiful" from one of my acting teachers and today I've had the pleasure of watching it. What a beautiful film!

By using the power of his own imagination, Guido brings light to the ones he loves even in the darkest of times. And that to me also sums up what acting is; bringing light to those around us, knowing that just one moment could bring a smile upon someones day. I'm here as someone who wants to make a difference to the world by bringing happiness to people. Everyone deserves to smile and if I can bring that to people, then that's all I hope for.

On another note; this week my first article about my acting has been published in the Hinterland Times, a local Maleny paper (where I grew up). My Mum was so proud and called me as soon as she got the first copy. It's really amazing to have all the support from everyone and I thank you all for it. What's next on the acting scene for me...let's just wait and see :)

You can alternatively view the article on:

Keep safe xx Meisha

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