Thursday, November 25, 2010

Creative High

I've been writing so much more lately, and it's been so nice, I forgot how much I missed it....

A Creative High

There's the ups and the downs
The highs and the lows
The mountains and the valleys
The villains and the foes
One cannot survive without the other
One would not exist without the other
Is is life.

In the lows, there's the droaning
A heaviness of the heart
At times you feel like breaking
You fear you'll fall apart
But you revive upon another
As you rest upon another
It is support.

In the highs, there's the growing
A lifting of the spirit
Some succeed with all its glory
Some will shy and only fear it
It is ecstasy like no other
It is creativity like no other
Is is inspiration.

Live it.

Copyright (C) Meisha Lowe 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Girl and the World

Hello again :)

When I was younger, I found myself writing hundreds of poems. These days as life goes on, I find less time to do such things. I was inspired the other day to write again and this came to me...

The Girl and the World

Her mind wandered to days of freedom,
When she would be free from the slumbers of day to day life,
She drifted to places no one else could fathom,
Her mind was a daze, but her smile came from within.

She dreamt of days where strength wasn’t judged by grip,
Strength was judged by perseverance and persistence.
She felt the monotony, the slaving, working to live,
But she dreamed to live her passion...

Each day was one step closer,
She had her goals but it felt so far in sight,
Sometimes in her dreams she could taste it,
The success tasted so sweet; each day feeding her desire

Her need was indescribable,
No disappearing lust; but a continuous fire
Deep inside her belly,
It flamed and soared when like minded were in sight.

She felt herself growing, learning
And yearning for what she could see but could not yet touch
That happiness from true desire, passion and patience
Something many dream of but fear too much to chase.

No longer was she a girl,
Alone and afraid of the darkness that set in at night,
She was a young woman with aspiration,
A journey set in sight for no one to satisfy but herself.

She felt a connection never felt before,
Of course there was fear of the unknown,
But if anything it pushed her forwards,
To places the world had not opened yet before.

She felt a newfound sense of serenity
A connection she’d forgotten long ago
To something she once lost..

But now she was ready,
To take that unknowing leap,
With only the belief and trust,
That she was the girl and the world.

(C) Meisha


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