Monday, April 25, 2011

Old Writings...

Hello again :)

Recently I have been reading through my old diaries. It's amazing to see the transformation day by day, year by year, and how all my old fears and doubts were overcome with time as my path settled into place. It amazed me to read about when I first began studying Journalism and yet my diary was filled with aspirations of wanting to act. I had no idea how to get into it, where to start or even what to do! I just wanted to do it! Slowly but surely I found my path and the people along the way who helped guide me in getting started. Diaries are so amazing to remind you of what you've learnt and accomplished.

I also came across this poem that I wrote about my Grandad after he passed away, I had a dream about him and I wrote:

Terracotta Vase

Entrapped in the terracotta vase
Sitting in the only place
You used to sit...
The memory of you is here.

Physically you’ve gone
But I know I can re-create
Your spirit, your memory...
For you never fully left.

The power of my mind
Places you in the hospital bed
This time it’s in reverse...

You’re unconscious.
But when I appear...
You stir to greet the world

Nothing will stop you this time
No one will be left behind.
You’re smile will greet the world once more.

As you walk down those long white halls
Your robes drag on the floor

But it doesn’t faze you
Because you’re here
And that’s all that matters.

Captured in your love
A hug so tight
I fight to breathe
But I’m happy because you’re here.

Sadly nothing’s that easy.

I wake to find myself entrapped.
Wishing I were in your arms
Covered in your robes of white
But I’m merely trapped
In the whites of my own sheets

The hospital robes are gone...
And so are you.

I miss you.

Meisha Lowe (C) 2009

Writing helps us express, it helps us emote, and it helps us reflect.

Keep well,


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