Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Started as an Actor

Getting Started as an Actor

Recently I have received a couple of emails from people asking for advice, on how to get started as an actor, and where I seem to be getting my acting work from. So I thought I would write a blog for all to read and perhaps take on some advice of someone (me!) who was not too long ago in the same "confused and wondering" state of mind when it came to acting.

These are the tips I have picked up along the way from different friends/actors/industry people that I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded and supported by over the past 2 years. I was asked a few main questions in these emails:

"I have always wanted to start acting but I'm just too scared. But I know I'll kick myself if I never try."

My answer: Feel the Fear - Fear is a natural instinct in life which arises when we experience something new and challenging. The scariest part can sometimes be making the decision to take your first acting class, do your first short film or even say your first line on a tv show (and perhaps stuff it up - I did that! - woops). Know that fear is normal, and conquering it can be so empowering! It is amazing what we can achieve when we challenge ourselves. If you want to start acting, don't let it stay as a dream, make it a reality. Try a class, audition for a short film and at least get a taste of the industry that you've always desired. Some will find it's not for them, and others will be left with a passion for acting which drives them everyday!

Secondly I get asked - "Where do you find all your auditions, short films and other acting work?" - There are several different websites where you can see castings; e.g. AT2 and Showcast, but they are particularly for proffessional work and if you are just starting out and don't have an agent, a smaller stepping stone might be to start on the website Starnow. It has castings to shorts film, features, independent work etc. You can join and have access to all of this. Every week I check the site for new listings and apply for castings. Even if you don't see yourself as fitting the character type, go for the auditions because you never know want the director is looking for. Have confidence in knowing that any audition is a good learning experience for you as an actor; we never stop learning!

"Auditions!?" - A few things you'll need (I'm sure you'd know even if you're just starting out) -
*A current acting resume
*The product - YOU!
*Confidence and profesionalism

"Acting; it can't be THAT hard?! Right?!" - I won't lie to you; acting IS hard. It requires persistance, patience and last of all PASSION! Without passion, I would be lost. But I believe, for me personally, so long as you have the drive and motivation, what can stop you from striving towards your dreams?

I know I'm only just starting out in this industry also, but I feel I have been so lucky to have learnt what I have from those around me and I've met along the way. So I wanted to share what I can, for those also aspiring to acting as a career or at least for those who want a taste of the acting world. I hope this answers a few questions coming from someone who is still very new to this industry also.

Keep safe,
Meisha :)

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