Sunday, May 15, 2011

"The Wardrobe"

Meisha as Amy in "The Wardrobe"

Over the last week I have been fortunate enough to be involved in two short films for Griffith university. The first was a grad film called "The Last Bark" and the second a post-grad masters film called "The Wardrobe". I encountered new experiences and of course challenges in both films, particularly "The Wardrobe", but ones that will make me stronger as an actor.

My character, the lead female, was a emotionally troubled woman who's past was not as far away as she once thought (I won't give anymore away as you'll have to wait and see!). The depth to her character and the emotional layering was something I really wanted to show truthfully through the screen. With one week to prepare and create a character, basing it on four other relationships with other characters also, I found myself in a new area of acting.

It was extremely important for me to keep focussed and distance myself from the crew when needed for the emotions to truly be captured on screen. I found myself sitting alone, listening to tracks on my mp3 to keep me focussed and in the "mood" of Amy while on set. This really helped.

Of course as any actor knows, recreating the same scene take after take is another challenge, but this is also one of the joys of acting. If something isn't feeling right, you have the option to change something if it's not working. I had to save my energy and pure emotion for my close ups but also create truth throughout every take. I feel I'm starting to learn my own techniques; finding out what helps and what doesn't. Doing these short films is such a fantastic way for new actors to test out what they've learnt. Each one is a new learning experience and the contacts and friends made through networking is fabulous. We have to remember we are all here to help each other in this industry; the young filmakers and young actors can work together to create the work for ourselves. Who knows where it might take us? :)

This filming experience has made me realise what kind of acting I want to focus on. When you've completed several short films, you'll start to find an area which really sits with you; for me it's drama, layering characters with their emotional hardship, exploring relationship breakdowns and portraying the trials of life in itself;this truly inspires me as a young actress.

I'm looking forward to seeing it edited and can't wait to continue challenging myself with these sorts of films.

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