Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Life of Writing

Hello :)

Ever since I was young I've written stories and poems. My Mum used to compile all of my little drawing story books when I was little, and I still have a few copies, stashed away in the depths of my car at the moment.

It has always been my dream to compile a book of my best poetry and one day I will achieve this...for now however, I will share a few via my blog, please be mindful this is original work and copyrighted to me.

I wrote this one last year, not based on any particular event, for some reason it just came to me. The mind is an interesting vessel and I believe creatively we channel them from an unknown depth...


I felt the fear engulf me
As I saw him standing there
I felt my world collapsing
The panic was a world to bear

He said he would protect me
But his hands came down in two
I struggled beneath his breath
His words of love weren’t true

He made me say his name
As he held me by the hair
I gasped in crying pain
In agony; complete despair

He yelled “Why don’t you love me!”
I did everything for you
But you betrayed me Dearest
You’re a liar! I always knew!”

I barely heard him rave
But I choked two words through fear
“You’re...weak...” I said to him
His response; a single tear

He wiped away his “weakness”
And his eyes grew wide with rage
He swung his fist so fast
His violence; there was no gauge

My world went into circles
As I felt his fist connect
But he tripped on drunken feet
This he could not deflect.

His head hit concrete hard
And he cried like a whaling child
He whimpered “I’m sorry babe,”
His lies were so defiled

He tried to make a stand,
To escape his jail of pain
But his body would not connect
He tried to stand in vain

I wiped away my blood,
Standing dizzy but feeling strong
As he lay inside the gutter
Knowing he’d done so wrong

I stood above his wretched heart
I’d waited for this day
“Who is weaker Coward?”
“The one who hits or the one who stays?”

The siruns began to sing
But I fled into the night
I knew he’d pay for violence
To scar was not his right.

I walked into the darkness
Only chance had I escaped
The violence was behind me
It was a path too long traipsed.

Copyright Meisha Lowe (c) 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moving On...

The time is almost here...

As I make the final preparations for my move to Sydney, I am posed with mixed emotions; some for the good, some for the sad, and some with pure excitement about a future which I have no idea what it has in store for me.

The question I have been posed most often with regards to my move to Sydney has been "Do you have a gig lined up already for when you arrive?" or "Are you going there for some set acting work?"

The simple answer: No.

But my mind answers: Why is it that I "need" to have work to "go to" to feel secure or to make others have faith in my move towards my future?

Is that the common fear?

Are people afraid to go on a journey without a set destination upon arrival? Are they afraid of going somewhere, chasing a dream and not knowing 100% if they will "make it"?

We are placed on this earth, each person, for an individual reason; a challenge in life that we must face. For everybody it is different, and how we choose to face this journey, is up to us.

Maybe I'm just rambling, but I say go forth with life; go blind, go knowingly, go in which ever way you choose, but most of all...make it worth it.

To Sydney and beyond :)


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