Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Life of Writing

Hello :)

Ever since I was young I've written stories and poems. My Mum used to compile all of my little drawing story books when I was little, and I still have a few copies, stashed away in the depths of my car at the moment.

It has always been my dream to compile a book of my best poetry and one day I will achieve this...for now however, I will share a few via my blog, please be mindful this is original work and copyrighted to me.

I wrote this one last year, not based on any particular event, for some reason it just came to me. The mind is an interesting vessel and I believe creatively we channel them from an unknown depth...


I felt the fear engulf me
As I saw him standing there
I felt my world collapsing
The panic was a world to bear

He said he would protect me
But his hands came down in two
I struggled beneath his breath
His words of love weren’t true

He made me say his name
As he held me by the hair
I gasped in crying pain
In agony; complete despair

He yelled “Why don’t you love me!”
I did everything for you
But you betrayed me Dearest
You’re a liar! I always knew!”

I barely heard him rave
But I choked two words through fear
“You’re...weak...” I said to him
His response; a single tear

He wiped away his “weakness”
And his eyes grew wide with rage
He swung his fist so fast
His violence; there was no gauge

My world went into circles
As I felt his fist connect
But he tripped on drunken feet
This he could not deflect.

His head hit concrete hard
And he cried like a whaling child
He whimpered “I’m sorry babe,”
His lies were so defiled

He tried to make a stand,
To escape his jail of pain
But his body would not connect
He tried to stand in vain

I wiped away my blood,
Standing dizzy but feeling strong
As he lay inside the gutter
Knowing he’d done so wrong

I stood above his wretched heart
I’d waited for this day
“Who is weaker Coward?”
“The one who hits or the one who stays?”

The siruns began to sing
But I fled into the night
I knew he’d pay for violence
To scar was not his right.

I walked into the darkness
Only chance had I escaped
The violence was behind me
It was a path too long traipsed.

Copyright Meisha Lowe (c) 2011

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