Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moving On...

The time is almost here...

As I make the final preparations for my move to Sydney, I am posed with mixed emotions; some for the good, some for the sad, and some with pure excitement about a future which I have no idea what it has in store for me.

The question I have been posed most often with regards to my move to Sydney has been "Do you have a gig lined up already for when you arrive?" or "Are you going there for some set acting work?"

The simple answer: No.

But my mind answers: Why is it that I "need" to have work to "go to" to feel secure or to make others have faith in my move towards my future?

Is that the common fear?

Are people afraid to go on a journey without a set destination upon arrival? Are they afraid of going somewhere, chasing a dream and not knowing 100% if they will "make it"?

We are placed on this earth, each person, for an individual reason; a challenge in life that we must face. For everybody it is different, and how we choose to face this journey, is up to us.

Maybe I'm just rambling, but I say go forth with life; go blind, go knowingly, go in which ever way you choose, but most of all...make it worth it.

To Sydney and beyond :)


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