Thursday, August 18, 2011

Find Your Voice!

(Winter Coat - Surrealeon Pictures)

Hello World :)

Since my last blog I have now successfully and FINALLY moved to Sydney! The move had its trials and tribulations of course but I am happily sitting in my new room and am based in Bondi where creativity is buzzing in the air.

Over the years and particularly over the past few days, I have been told that I speak very "softly" and am "very quiet" or "quietly spoken". As an actor, this is definitely one of my weaknesses.

I think becoming aware of our weakness, is the first step towards making a concious decision to change those weaknesses into strengths.

It is my goal to Find My Voice!

Growing up, we have so many different factors which contribute to the way we speak, act and even listen to people. Our upbringing, social standards and group of friends all affect the way we are as people.

For me, I have often felt (being the youngest of three girls) and being a young female that sometimes my word does not have "weight" to it. Thus it leads to an idea that my opinion might not be "valid" or "right" or even "smart enough"!

But a friend recently said to me "it's better to speak and have an opinion than have no opinion at all."

So who is smarter?; the one who is too shy to speak up and cringes when the questions come to them, or the one who states their opinion even if it may not be "right"?

It shouldn't really be a question of "smartness" but a question of whether we have the confidence to know that our voice should be heard, no matter how small and mousy we may sound ;)


On a slightly different note!

I was involved in a JMC Academy Graduate Short Film called Winter Coat and here are a few still shots from the production.
I am looking forward to seeing this in its final edit!

Keep well :)

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