Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Little One so Low

The Little One so Low (C) Copyright Meisha Lowe

"The Little One was lost
And she felt the depths of Low
She dreamt of pure Escape
In a day that would not show.

Freedom had its ways
Of peering through its dust
Through misted eyes and Sadness
The world she did not Trust.

No glory left its Presence
Emotions lingered longer still
While slowly she hoped to gather Strength
And call upon lost Will.

Low breathed its name so heavy,
And the heaviness stunk of spite
While the world outside kept on Living
As she hid in lonely Fright.

Her mind began to sway
To lands far Beyond her time
Where oceans gathered Stronger
And words had lost their rhyme.

Her mind was worlds away
And yet she hid beneath the covers
For the One she Missed the most
Was the One who'd hear her Suffer.

She called out far and wide
For the One she'd know would be,
Waiting, Loving, finding,
For all around to see.

"Please help me One I Need you,
There is nothing I can do,
But cry and feel the Sadness
Of the world; it's only True."

Her sobs were heard so soft
Retreated; young and Small
There was a Little Girl inside
Trapped behind that wall.

It was time to set her free
And break down barriers built
To restructure what was Lost
The world; back on it's tilt

The Older Self, so tender,
Reached out to the Little One
And said "Dear Girl don't shiver,"
For the shining Sun will come.

"You have the strength to Live,
And the drive will feed you still,
To live amongst the living,
And feel the strength of Will."

The Little Girl replied,
And wiped away flowing tears,
And said to her Older Self,
"I've been living life in Fear."

The Older Self looked down,
With wisdom beyong her years,
And smiled a Smile so Bright,
Which washed away her fears.

Little One stood up tall,
And began to slowly grow,
Reaching the height of Older One,
Finally Letting Go.

It was time to stand with strength,
With the Little One still inside
Knowing that she was Safe,
No longer she would hide.

To feel true Love and Loss
And to live and let live in Life,
Now ready to feel the world,
She would no longer live in sacrifice.

The Little One of course still present
But the Girl had grown up tall,
A Young Woman now stood in her place,
With the Confidence of All."

(C) Copyright Meisha Lowe 21st October 2011

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