Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I completed an Anthony Wong workshop focussing on the Ivanna Chubbuck method.
And reached an amazing release. I feel alive again and inspired to get more out of life. He said something which really stuck with me "Live your life as if it is a bucket list."

I have a lot to do!

I wrote a's a bit messy but whatever!

And the World Said No

She felt like giving up.
She dreamt to tear down all that once inspired her and rip it to shreads.
She thought to rip, to burn, to set flame to all that once engulfed her!
She down was down, she was low, she was set to the ground.
Her mind was adaze with unhappiness, negative flow.
Where had that happy girl once gone?
She was inside somewhere, hiding from the world.
But today, she let go!
Something inside set forth to the universe.
She yelled out “No more!”
“I can’t do it anymore!”
She went to run and hide,
But the universe shoved it back in her face,
“You can’t run away from life!”
“It’s staring at you! Come and find me!”
“The world is at your doorstep,
It takes small steps to walk my Girl,
But it will lead to leaps and bounds!”
When she thought to give up,
The world said NO!
When she thought to hide,
The sun shone brighter.
Taunting her with its happiness.
When she thought to cower,
The skies rattled with threat.
And the storms would pass with rain.
From there the greens would flourish,
The flowers would blossom,
And she would find her purpose.
The world smiled at her,
“Life is out there, Young Woman,
You just have to be brave enough to find it!”

Meisha Lowe (C) Copyright November 2011

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"Take life in steps; each one is a journey to learn from." ~ Meisha