Friday, May 4, 2012

The Country I Call Home

hello world,
(Bega Valley sunset - may 2012) *** Time for a quick update on the latest "Brainstorm" adventures for 2012. I am now half way through my tour and boy has it gone quickly! I have been really fortunate to travel through some beautiful countryside over the last few weeks, and particularly the last few days. Yesterday driving from Moruya back home to Sydney and through the little town of "Berry" (which of course I was taken by the name) I saw trees of Autumn leaves and beautiful colour like I have never seen before; the crisp air makes them shine! Passing through Milton and I had the best burger of my life (vegetarian as well!) at the Pilgrims Cafe, it was organic "Bliss"! Just before passing Kiama, I saw the biggest mango tree I have ever seen, the sun was setting and it overlooked the vast ocean on it's high rolling hills. It was magnificent. Eden took me on a historical journey; the story of "Tom the Old Killer Whale" and I sent my first (and probably only!) telegram with our friend Phil. Staying at the High Country Hotel in Cooma, I opened my window and felt like I was overlooking the American South, the trees, the cold air, but it was gorgeous. I've come to love the country bakeries we've been frequenting. Fresh pastries and deserts, well deserved after a big performance! And last week, we stopped at the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple, which was absolutely serine. I bought a few Buddhist books and took many photos of the landscape and "baby Buddha gardens". We even stopped at the Bega Cheese factory...the toilet signs were cheeky "cows and bulls"! It's been a pleasure to explore this beautiful countryside and it really is making my desire to travel abroad greater with each day. I am so lucky to call Australia home. xx Meish

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