Friday, May 25, 2012

Lessons to Live By ~ The 3 P's

Ten months ago, I packed my life into my car and with dreams of pursuing an acting career - I moved to Sydney. 

These months have been a huge learning experience for me, for my acting and my life skills. I have had my ups, my downs, my frustrations and of course my doubts.

But when I think back to the day that I drove across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with my best friend in the passenger seat accompanying me for the 12 hour drive and my life literally exploding from the back of my car; I don't regret it one bit!

I looked fear in the eye and made the move.

I truly believe that everything that we experience happens for a reason and makes us grow as human beings...


Today I found out some amazing news - 

The first independent feature film I acted in (way back in 2010) has been confirmed for Blu-Ray and DVD release in both Australia and New Zealand. It will be released on the 24th of October this year.

In the film I played the role of Krystal; the Bimbo Girlfriend. She is a support character but none the less I am so proud to have been a part of the film and cannot wait to see it sitting on the shelf at the DVD store.  Within the last year, I have had the delight of seeing three productions I have been involved in - (Underbelly Infiltration, Still Waters and now The Killage) -  distributed on DVD around Australia.  

I began acting officially only three years ago and since then it has become my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but this is truly something that inspires me and keeps me going. Of course there are days, even months when I question this career path and have my doubts; but today the feeling of knowing our work is getting out there, is truly amazing. 

For both Joe and Rita (our lovely writer/director/editor and producer) and of course the lovely cast/crew, it really shows that passion, persistence and patience is the key.

Its a lesson for us all...

What you put out is what you get back.


This is also one of the major themes of our current Brainstorm shows (thanks to our lovely writer/director Jenny!)

Today I had a beautiful moment during our after-show discussion. The audience was a group of almost 200 Yr8 boys; which can sometimes be a tough audience. 

One of the characters I play gets bullied severely and she sings a song back to the main male bully.  In our discussion we ask the question "What do you think she was trying to say to the bully?"  

And three of the boys raised their hands. 

The first replied, "That music is not a competition."

The second boy said, "That he should be himself and not what others want him to be." 

And the third boy said, "That you should always come from the heart."

I felt so proud that these 13 year old boys had truly listened to what my character was saying and I felt like something had really clicked.  It made me smile!

In the words of John Keats, "truth is beauty."


Lastly; at our second school performance for today, a group of Year 8 girls excitedly came up to me after the show. One girl in particular had a recognizable glint of passion in her eye.

She asked me excitedly, "I want to be an actor but I don't know where to start! How did you get in to acting?!"

For a moment I paused and smiled
As I realised...
That girl was once me
Asking the questions
Excited for a future
I could not yet see...

I smiled and said to her; that three years ago I made the choice to commit to acting and to never look back.  I was lucky to meet mentors and people along the way who guided me. And that if she was truly passionate about acting; or that if ANYBODY had dreams they wished to achieve; that it would require three things -

Passion. Persistence and Patience.

A lesson for us all :) Thank you universe!

Meish xx

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