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On the Road of Dreams

Hello World!

I thought it was time for another blog update - my 2012 tour journey to date! This year, I have been fortunate enough to be on a 9 month theatre tour with Brainstorm Productions - doing educational theatre for children across QLD, Sydney, NSW Regional and Canberra.

The Road of Dreams - photography by Meisha

I took the above photo last Wednesday on our drive to Leeton, NSW. I call it "The Road of Dreams" because that is where I am and have always been headed.

Being on tour, has made me grow as a person and as an actor. My dream to pursue my acting is growing every single day. One of the biggest things I have learnt on this tour has been to enjoy my own company. I used to fear being alone, but something has changed. I have had lots of time to think and dream...
So!  The following is a little "Photo Journey" of our NSW Regional part of the tour! I took these photos wanting to share my delights with others!
My touring partner, Zach and I, have seen many beautiful landscapes, old and sometimes abandoned towns, and many a sheep on our journey across regional NSW. I am currently sitting in my hotel room in Cootamundra, listening to Bob Dylan. Country music for the soul - boy it feels good!

We stopped at the Junee Chocolate & Liquorice Factory - much to my delight :)  We had fresh hot chocolates fresh from the "chocolate stream".

Junee Chocolate Factory - Photography Meisha Lowe


Over the weekend I stayed at a family friend's house (The beautiful Carm) and I spent the weekend with her, her beautiful dog Lou Lou, her cat Blossom and her chickens.

This is Lou Lou.

Today we went down to the Murrumbidgee River.
Murrumbidgee River - Photo by Meisha
Last week Zach and I travelled to a beautiful place called Kiama, which is just near Wollongong NSW. I went for a long walk along the coastline and took this photo of the sunset. I often sing to myself loudly when I'm going for long walks...thinking I am completely alone, and occasionally people will appear and look at me very strangely!

"The seas may be rough but there is always light above..." ~ Meisha 2012
Photography by Meisha
On our first morning of our regional part of the tour, in a tiny town called Tumut, I went for an early morning walk. It was a chilly 3 degrees!! But the view was worth it...
A beautiful mist blanket covered the town of Tumut but the sun would soon melt it away.

Photograph by Meisha - Tumut

And later I fed a horse when I was walking past a farm :) 
The stallion got a bit mad and started running towards me...
So I ran away! 
Hahaha funny stuff...
but seriously it was pretty scary.
Photos by Meisha - Horsies in Tumut.
Today, after my trip to the river I went for a run through the bush in Wagga Wagga and...

I found a zoo!
(Good title for a film... :p)
I saw some beautiful native birds (fuffas!), emus, peacocks, silkie chickens...

The peacock thinks he's staff!

I patted a donkey!
All photos by Meisha

As you can see I have been lapping up my last 6 weeks of our 9 month theatre tour with Brainstorm. I have been so fortunate to see such beautiful Australian country-side, particularly of NSW, that I otherwise would most likely never see.
Tomorrow I will perform my 200th show for Brainstorm so far for this tour!
Once my tour ends, I am packing up my things once again -
 but this time leaving the beautiful shores of Australia and...
 moving to Vancouver, Canada to further pursue my acting dreams.

Sign at the Junee Chocolate Factory - Photo by Meisha

I will never stop dreaming.

And in the words of Bob Dylan...

"I'm bound to lose, bound to win, bound to walk down that road again."

So my friends, never give up on The Road of Dreams...

Murrimbidgee River 
I surely won't. 

Love Meisha
Keep well & keep safe xo

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  1. Sounds like you're having some great adventures, great to hear.


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