Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little Bits of Wisdom

Brainstorm - The End of an Era

2012 has been a whirlwind of a year - rain, hail or shine, Brainstorm has been a challenging and amazing experience.Team Violet (myself and my touring partner Zach) completed our 9 month tour on Friday. In total we performed: 2 x one hour shows - The Human Race and Verbal Combat - 252 times! 

"Emily" and "Rocky"  - Verbal Combat

We travelled 25,000km across QLD, NSW and the ACT. It was a surreal feeling performing our last show on Friday morning, but I feel we accomplished something great and it will be an experience that will stay with me for life. We celebrated the afternoon by watching Team Orange perform in Bulli, and had a sandy goodbye on the beach...

I may or may not have dropped somebody also
 Sorry Theo...

I would like to thank the Brainstorm office and our lovely director/writer/company founder - Jenny Johnson for giving us all the opportunity to be a part of this company.

We also got to record "The Hurting Game" as our last mission for the company.

The Top 5 Quotes for Brainstorm 2012 Violet:

1. "Oi Miss, you make my **** grow"
2. Have you got a Braaain in your Braaaainstorm!?"
3. "I've got these great pants, but you have to IMAGINE them!"
4. "Everybody has happiness and a heart."
5.Discussion Time

Zach Does any one have any questions about the show?

Boy You should NEVER kick any one else in the balls.
Meisha Errr...?
Looks to Zach *HELP!?
Zach Yes thank you for that QUESTION.
Teachers laugh historically; Meisha cries a little inside.

"Once a brainstormer, always a brainstormer."

And now for the next step!
I will be moving to Vancouver, Canada in little more than a week. I have booked my flight for Monday the 17th of September and will arrive in preparation for my first "White Christmas"! I will be volunteering at the VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) and cannot wait to get amongst the film industry and Canadian peeps! And more pressingly tomorrow I will lose a bit of wisdom, only to make space for more...I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed! Farewell and my next post will be from my new home in Canada!

xo meish

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