Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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2012 started with a BANG! – I began the year with my 9 month theatre contract with Brainstorm Productions. And what a 9 months it was! I learnt a lot about myself, live performance, travelling on the road and what it feels like to help make a difference to children’s lives.  And as soon as it began, it was over! Without Brainstorm I would not be here in Vancouver, Canada.

Mid-way through the year I decided it was my time to travel. Brainstorm allowed me to the save money (though not nearly as much as I should have!) and make the move to Vancouver the week after my contract ended. I have now been in Vancouver for 3 and a half months. Where is time disappearing too? My main reason for moving to Canada was for increased film and tv opportunity - and the working VISA was a mere $150 for two years! I couldn’t pass off the excuse to travel and see another part of the world.

In the first three months of being here I have secured a reputable agent, been for a several auditions, began an acting class, did a short film, seen some beautiful parts of the city and experienced the infamous WHISTLER! (Which is an entirely different story in itself!)

Canada is growing on me quickly – the people, the accent, Caesar’s for breakfast after a big night out, poutine (fries with cheese curd and gravy!), the snow and much more.  I experienced my first snow fall when in Whistler; it was magical and I felt like a child in a winter wonderland. Suddenly all the lyrics to all the Christmas carols we grew up with, made sense! Vancouver really is a stunning city – Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain, evening catching the Sea Bus everyday has proven some beautiful views of the snowy mountains and the Vancouver Harbour.

Living here has really made me aware of how lucky we are in Australia. The minimum wage is at least double back home! It’s standard for people here to rent out living room spaces, share rooms between two people, even live on the streets; all in the hope of surviving. It can be tough – but it is worth it.

I am yet to survive the coming winter and the rain, but I’m slowly becoming accustomed to it. I do spend a lot more time inside than I would in Australia – and find myself dreaming of the sunshine back home and how much we just take it for granted. But I am happy to be here and experiencing what is it to enjoy this stunning country called Canada.

In 2013, I want to experience more of what Canada has to offer (I had a taste of it in Whistler), I want to book some well paying commercials and earn money to help me stay here! I want to work further on my US accent and get some roles in some feature, independent and short films. I want to immerse myself in learning more about acting and the depths that I can really get to. I want to feel that confidence again!

I am really grateful for all that I have received this year and look forward for what 2013 has to offer.

Let it be a fruitful year for all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may all our dreams come to life.

Love always,

Meisha xo

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