Sunday, February 17, 2013



Days, hours, minutes
What does it all mean
Where does the time go
Who's breath will last the longest

Reflections of ourselves
Seen in the mirrors of time
Who will be there to hold you
Who's heart will be the strongest

What journey will make you feel
A strengthened being
Experiencing pride, sorrow and laughter
Without a question longer

Who will lay awake
Into the darkest hour
Wondering what the future holds
And who will make it stronger

When will the time come
When happiness transpires
Without question of why or how
But with acceptance and peace

Why do some wrestle
In the depths of their minds
With shadows of fear
When will it the noise cease

What will bring the laughter
When the sky outside is grey
Without attachment or love
Just a knowing of oneself

How do you transform
With a beating, graceful heart
From cocoon to butterfly
When your can't escape yourself?

(C) Meisha Lowe 2013

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