Monday, June 3, 2013

The Ocean and its Tide

I came across this beautiful song called Fjögur Piano by Sigur Ros and I was overcome with imagery. I had also just finished watching Atonement and I was inspired by its eternal romance. The song left me with such a longing when I heard its beauty, that I began to write this poem...

Listen to the song as you read the following:

The Ocean and its Tide

Your whispers in the wind
As I breeze through summer days
The distant memory of you
As these images begin to fade

The hint of salt hits my tongue
As the ocean licks the shore
That ever present loneliness
It leaves me wanting more

The night is warm and dark
But I lay motionless this night
Reaching for those memories
When love was all in sight

The air is still and silent
Your spirit I sense is here
At the foot of my bed I feel you
My heart is beating clear

For fear of losing you again
If I open my eyes too wide
I feel you drift away so fast
Like the ocean and it's tide.

Goodbye my love
I miss you...

(C) Meisha Lowe 2013

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