Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm a triangle trying to fit a square hole
I just don't quite fit in

I sleep upside down

In a bed that's the wrong way up

My body aches

But I'm too tired to move

I yearn for freedom

But I want so badly to be embraced

Did I make the right decision

To leave and search the world

Escaping the madness

Only to meet more mayhem

My mind expanding

With hips to match

A women yet a girl

Who wanders alone barefoot

Tonight I toss and turn
The questions of my existence

Where do I fit in?

Who am I now?
Am I just a girl or a girl who fits.

Freedom is my saviour.

Meisha Lowe (C) June 2013

Seawall Beauty (C) Meisha Lowe

Barefoot Wanderings (C) Meisha Lowe

Still (C) Meisha Lowe

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