Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oceans Apart

Oceans Apart

Dreams of green fairy fields
Skies of blue and white
Oceans of beauty
Oceans apart
Friends and family
The Land of Sun and Sea
Oh how I miss thee...

(C) Meisha Lowe  2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Not Welcome

Fear you are not welcome here.

Opportunity has arisen

And you are not allowed to get in my way.

Fear you are not welcome here.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


They tell her to surrender
They tell her to let go of all that is inauthentic
But where does the true beauty lie
If not in her own heart?

She would be twenty three when she met him
Twenty three when she met the man
Who she would finally give her heart too
But twenty three is fast disappearing.

She is anxious, unfulfilled and tender
She has only just planted the seeds
And is impatient to pick the fruit
She must learn to wait her turn.

(C) Meisha Lowe 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meish-Mash's Mish Mash of 2013

2013 went off with a bang!

I spent two weeks on the road in Alberta with my Canadian gal-pal, Miss Sara, enjoying the festive season and my first White Christmas. We had a blast visiting her family and friends. I felt so grateful to be adopted by her family over the Christmas break. I missed my family and friends back home in Australia but felt very honoured to experience a White Christmas with such a lovely family. Their generosity will never be forgotten.

With the lead up to any New Year, I often find myself thinking about the year almost past and what " I achieved and didn't achieve".  On the acting front I didn't "achieve" as much as what I had hoped when I first moved to Canada. But I think my expectations were too high. I now know that it takes time to establish oneself in a new country both mentally and career-wise, and things don't just happen cause you want them too. You have to work for it!  And the more I think about it, expectations are killer anyway! All around I think I did the best I could - I got my first role in a Canadian independent feature film based on Eadweard Muybridge, did various short films and trained for 5 months with a great acting teacher.

So instead of thinking about what I had hoped to achieve and "didn't achieve" lets think about the positives...I did a lot of travel!

I calculated that I went on 11 road trips across Canada in the passed year and a bit since moving here. That's almost one every month!  I got to see some amazing parts of the country. I went to Whistler four times, drove to Banff with Sara and Crocholiday, camped in Squamish twice and partied with some crazy Irishmen, went to Jasper and snowboarded in the Rocky Mountains (amazing!), partied in Keats Island and most recently road tripped around Alberta, up to Gull Lake and ended the trip at the Jasper Fairmont Lodge (thanks Steve!).

So as much as I didn't "achieve" what I wanted to with my career, I had many amazing experiences which in turn will make me a stronger human being and a better actor anyway!

I am excited to see more of the world and do a few more road trips to Seattle, Portland and Tofino before my visa is up in September. It is looking more and more like I will reapply for the Canadian working holiday visa and continue to pursue my acting career from here. I am about to sign with a great agent and I am excited for what the year will bring. I believe this is the year of fruition. I planted my seeds over the past four years, and now it is time to bear the fruit!

Now it's about knuckling down, saving as much money as possible, focussing on my fitness, staying in shape and start auditioning again!

To 2014 and beyond!

Thank you for all I have received...


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"Take life in steps; each one is a journey to learn from." ~ Meisha