Friday, February 5, 2016

12 Months in LA

This past year has flown by.

It's crazy to think I was in Australia a whole year ago visiting my family and friends.

So much has happened since then!

I have had three different serving jobs, I quit one job twice, moved apartments three times in the last year and I have continued to learn new things about myself while adjusting to yet another city and country.

As I have said in previous blog posts, the first six months in LA felt difficult. It took a little while to get adjusted, financially, mentally and physically.

But virtually as soon as I moved to California I became much more active. I lost 25lbs (10kg) over the last year. I wasn't dieting or "trying to lose weight". It was a combination of living a healthier life and the beautiful weather (sorry Vancouver but 2 months of sunshine a year is not enough!). I was hiking several times a week, eating better, getting vitamin D thanks to the copious amounts of California sunshine, and was just generally in a happier frame of mind. I also became gluten free due to some upsetting stomach issues I was having. I had intense friendships, people came and they went. Trips to San Diego and Santa Barbara, Malibu and the mountains. I found my Pisces Twin. Even though she's back in San Diego now I still feel a deep connection with her and know the universe brought us together for a reason.

Then in September I flew back to Vancouver for another screening of Eadweard. And when I came back I moved apartments. Since then I have felt much more settled. I have my own room, which I have decorated with all things that make me happy. Pictures of the Old Hollywood greats Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and my current favourites Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, Kate Winslet, Abbie Cornish etc etc. Then I have my mandala and crystals to keep the positive energy surrounding me at all times.

Also since moving apartments I joined a new gym and I found my love of yoga. I have found a much deeper serenity within myself even in times of trouble. I feel physically stronger, mentally clearer and more spiritually connected than ever before. I feel like myself again.

My favourite class of the week has been Kundalini yoga with Colin Kim. I love the philosophical teachings and how he brings everything together in such a relatable way. My body is leaner and my mind is cleaner thanks to yoga. I don't know why I didn't get into it sooner.

Living in these two very different cities in the last year has taught me a lot. Vancouver allowed me to process through some deep sadness and fear of being alone, and LA is teaching me to find peace even amongst great turmoil.

Oh yeah! And that whole acting thing (the reason I'm actually in LA!) is going really well too! Again since I moved apartments, I also signed with my manager. I've booked a few short films and a role playing gig with USC which has been very eye opening. And in the coming months I feel even greater things will come to pass.

I recently read Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic" and I recommend it to anyone who wants to live a creative life without fear. And now I am reading "The Artist's Way". Today I took myself on an "Artist Date" where take myself on a date and feed my creative soul. I hiked Runyon Canyon, danced in the sunshine to a beautiful song I found this morning called "Diamond Child" by Auyushi & Dillistone. I read a book on Meryl Streep at Samuel French's. I stumbled upon a crystal shop and found some beautiful art work. And then I went and chilled in the sauna at my gym.

Also in the last month I had the chance to perform at my friend's wedding and also at a bar doing a mash up with my friend Dustin Freechild. And another friend has asked me to sing in her studio with her too.

Music fills my soul and I feel more and more connected to it everyday. I love playing my ukulele and I have always loved singing and I'm glad it makes other people happy too.

Every day I feel more and more inclined to be creative. Not just acting... anything, music, singing, dancing, yoga, mediation, writing. These are the things that truly make me happy.

I feel really grateful for the life I get to live.

Today I spent my last $10 in my bank account on gluten free bread, juice and a toblerone. I had to split the payment onto two different cards cause I didn't have enough on each. The cashier laughed with me and said "We've all been there. But at least you've got the essentials."

And how right she is.

I've got all that I need.

Even if I have no money until pay day.

Even if I don't have the nicest, newest clothes or shoes.

Even if I don't have a car.

Even if I don't have everything I think I "need".

I've got my two feet, my healthy body, my creative mind and a passion for life.

And I think that's all that matters.

The rest will just flow.

Thank you.


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